Website Maintenance

You may already have a website, but is it being maintained properly? Having a website is the first step in building a business online. Apart from building a website, you must have one that will provide you outcome Are you frustrated with the challenges that come with routine maintenance, updates, and errors? You can’t afford to invest in a quality website to have something go wrong. The slightest issues can damage your online reputation and lower your search rankings.

  • Keyword research & analysis for your site
  • Competitor analysis that will give you an advantage
  • Google, Yelp and Bing listings for your business
  • Site speed testing, backlinking, meta tags, and other ranking factors

Our Website Maintenance Services Eco-System

Does it take a long time for your website to load on the web browser? If it is so don’t worry. We assure you to make your website run smoothly without the hassle by updating all the technical errors within, optimizing it for speed and search engine, checking all the on-page aspects, and many more. We are at the top of the game when it comes to resolving issues like spyware and malware viruses and other security issues.

Our App Development System
Front End UI/UX Design
Branding and Identity

Frequently Asked questions

How much does website maintenance cost?

Website maintenance costs may vary depending on the type of site.

Can I see the changes before you go live with them to make sure I approve?

For HTML sites, Yes, we can provide a link for you to view your changes and approve them before we go live with the updates. For WordPress sites, typical changes are made to the live site.

Does my maintenance contract have an expiration date?

Pre-purchased maintenance contracts expire one year after purchase.

How long will it take to get a new website?

Our website packages usually range. However, it really depends on what kind of website you need. We recently wrote a full guide on how much it costs for a website to give you an idea of the different options available.

Can I Do Website Maintenance Changes Myself?

This depends on the type of website you have. If your website doesn’t enable you to, we can discuss options about converting your website into a CMS (Content Management System).

What advantages does web maintenance provide?

Web maintenance facilitates the results of search engine optimization activities, which helps the website to acquire better positions in the SERPs.

Can I purchase a maintenance contract if PCA doesn’t host my site?

We maintain many sites that we do not host. Please call us for a free site review so that we can determine if we can maintain your site. We can maintain most WordPress and HTML sites with no problem.

What is usually covered under a maintenance contract?

Maintenance contracts cover routine changes such as adding a newsletter, changing contact info, adding employees, adding photos to a photo gallery, and most text updates. Note: If we think your changes will take longer than average, we can discuss a flat rate for services that include additional items, even a site re-design.

Can I have multiple sites with single plan?

No, single-site maintenance will be included in a single plan.

Why Does my Website Need Regular Site Maintenance?

Regularly updating your website with fresh content (text, images, PDFs, and videos, etc.) will not only gain loyalty from your visitors but provide them with a good visitor experience.